Tourbillion Technology

Tourbillion Technology specialises in flow simulation and product development for competitive businesses. A wide range of applications in science and engineering is catered for, with emphasis on challenging areas such as liquid atomization and spray systems.

Products and Services

Welcome to Tourbillion Technology. The company offers engineering consultancy services to commercial and academic organisations. The scope of the work can encompass the following;

  • Full project (including design work)
  • Partial project (flow simulation only)
  • Software customization—to adapt an existing system to fit new requirements
  • CFD start-up—advice for companies setting up their own facilities

density gradient

Flow Simulation

The simulation of flow processes is particularly useful in situations where theoretical insights are limited and experimental studies are difficult or expensive. Processes may be too fast or too slow, or too large or too small to study with traditional techniques. In such cases simulation is a powerful method for generating the information that is needed.


Tourbillion Technology has over twenty years of experience of product design, product development and research.


Tourbillion Technology has in-house computer facilities for small and medium-sized CFD cases. For large cases High Performance Computing (HPC) facilities are used. The only additional cost is proportional to the compute time used.

Atomization and Sprays

The company has particular strength in the modelling of liquid atomization and the design of spray systems. This technology has application in the fields of fuel combustion and spray coating, to name but two examples. Developments in innovative computational and experimental techniques are opening up this area of engineering science that has traditionally been viewed as the domain of trial-and-error only.


The company is based in Bournemouth on the south coast of England. Bournemouth is forty minutes drive from Southampton and two hours drive from London.

Contact Information

Please telephone +44(0)7896 308458 to make an enquiry or follow the link for full contact details and an e-mail enquiry form.

Tourbillion Technology Ltd is registered in England and Wales, registration no. 07165597